You Want to Know 6 Best Coffee Maker Under $100

So, You are interested in buying a coffee maker and you have only $100 to spend. Trust me, there are enough to buy the best coffee maker. Most people search in online markets like Amazon, Flipkart,eBay, and Walmart and also search in offline markets, etc. If you see all the coffee makers so you are confused about this you waste a lot of time.  But don’t worry, I will make a list for you by searching for more than 10 hours.

So read carefully before going on the list, there are some things to keep in mind before buying the best coffee Maker for under $100.

People are also known as buying guides.

                       Buying Guide 

No of Cups

These features you are considering if you are buying a coffee maker. There are some types of coffee makers like single-serve and multi-serve cups.

suppose, you have a  big family or you organize a huge party so you go with a multi-serve coffee maker like Hamilton Beach 2-way brew. The next type of machine is for those people who live alone or do the traveling.

so this is a good option for you like Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker don’t worry, both coffee makers are included in my list.

Easy to Clean

Another factor is Easy to clean, this feature. You should consider buying a coffee maker for under 100 dollarsyou make a lot of coffee in a day.  So you think about how much dirt is in your coffee maker, especially when you bury ground coffee and it is difficult to clean all the tiny nooks and crannies and also you have a water filter. and Another option is auto cleaning like a culinary clinic.

This featured coffee maker is a little bit expensive but it is available for under $100 at special times. Another feature you consider is which coffee maker washes our dishwasher because some of the coffee makers you do not wash in the dishwasher. before buying check this.

Brewing Time

Another factor is brewing time In this factor, Most people have different reasons. For example, many types of coffee machines have different brewing times for each other like drip, espresso, french press, etc.

All the brewing methods take a different brewing time to each other drip coffee takes approx 5 minutes but on the other hand, an espresso shot takes approx within a second. think about which one is best for you and which purpose you get.

Easy to Use 

Another factor is that easy to use is important so while you select a coffee maker, check this feature. Most coffee makers have this option if not, so check to drop it.

Because everyone wants the to machine save a lot of time and be easy to use and most programmable coffee makers have all the settings done with few clicks. and there are also shutdown features.

They will do that most of the time. If suddenly you remember that your coffee maker is one, then its feature for help will turn off automatically. and the last feature is the auto grinder.

This feature is helpful and Will save you the time in which you are grinding coffee.

Style and Size

If you check all the factors given above, choose your product easily if not, don’t worry if you check this feature so you select and buy a perfect coffee maker. Another factor is style and size. it is totally your taste. Some people do not prefer style, they only prefer how they work.

Some people have an important factor for buying any product. This factor is totally up to you.

so, these are some features you have to consider for buying a coffee maker under $100.

So go to the list and select your perfect coffee maker. let’s start.


Milton Beach 2-way brewer coffee maker.
Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Coffeemaker.
Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffeemaker.
Ninja ce251 programmable brewer.
Cuisinart CHW 12-cup coffee maker
Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker


Credits: amazon com

Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer coffee maker. is one of those coffee makers almost all the people recommended because of his brand.

People see the brand before buying goods. but in this case, don’t worry. This brand is well-reputed.  here they gave some special features that I think nobody gives them.

Do you think your coffee maker has made how many cups while brewing 3,5,10 but they can give 12 cups while brewing? here they gave another interesting option: programming.

Programming is very helpful for everyone. People think that this is very complicated but this is not true. It’s as easy as food ordering.

You can just click the select few options and congratulate yourself on your programming. Then they gave automatic regular coffee at the same time. What you always did, that’s why you save a lot of time every day.

Another good function is auto shutdown. This feature works, when you forget to turn off the coffee maker so they shut down after 2 hours.

They have a capacity of 96 ounces and have an option to dual and also a single-serve coffee and drip brewer and they can store water for 12 cups.

They have a good brew strength for your preference.

If you are alone and you want to take a cup of coffee but you think that they made 12 cups of coffee but you forget that they also have a single-serve coffee maker only you select the option and set the mug below the nozzle and take a pour cup of coffee.

This is simple to use and this coffee maker has a pause button. when you start the pause button. pause all the brewing whenever you want. and they have an adjustable hot water plate to keep them warm as long as possible.

Finally, I totally with your decision but I tell you something too easy to decide amazon gave Amazon a choice badge. total 30,000 customer reviews and a total of 5.6 ratings.


  • Easy to program.
  • easy to refill.
  • easy to separate water reservoirs.
  • single-serve and coffee pot.


  • No self-cleaning.
  • some reviews against the durability.
  • no k-cup capable.


Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Coffee maker



Next is, the Cuisinart DCC- 1200 brew central coffee maker. This is also a good option under $100. Because this brand gave the best product in appliances and they were providing it for a very long time.

This company has a good reputation in the market. but also they produce the best coffee maker under $100. In the market, the Cuisinart company provides most coffee makers for under 100 dollars, so I choose this unit. so some of the best premium features this unit provides you are under 100 dollars. If you want to know the best features, stick with me.

Automatic coffee maker This word sounds fancy but this is a cheap unit for this type of feature and most people prefer this type of coffee maker so easy to use and you will do programming once they work according to your programming and some of them thought that how I do program so you will do simple clicks and program your coffee maker as you want.

Another is a 12-cup carafe with a dripless spout. This is not a special feature but this is an essential feature for all the people who drink coffee daily even every hour. You should be worried about cleanliness especially but you have a boy so this is

I am also worried about cleanliness.  but don’t worry, this dripless spout gets your tense relief, and enjoys the coffee every single hour.

Another is an adjustable heater plate. This is an interesting feature because most coffee makers do not provide this feature and I think the ideal coffee maker has this option. Some people don’t know what an adjustable heating plate is, the adjustable heating plate is a metal hot plate with electric heating and this plate has a fixed position. This heating plate provides your coffee for as long as possible. It is beneficial for late-night working hours.

1-4 sets, this is another interesting feature. This feature is beneficial for those who take less than 5 cups of coffee a day if you sit in this coffee maker so select some option for a few clicks.

Another feature is the brew-pause feature is good. It is simple to use and they provide you with the on-off button when you start the pause button so the brewing is paused frequently. whenever you want.

A charcoal filter is an amazing filtration feature in this unit. this filter is perfectly fine for pouring coffee with gold-tone coffee. This filtration process is fast and easy to set up and this filtration process is completed with the second.

Another feature is the self-cleaning feature. It is an amazing feature to save a lot of waste and you have to send it to the cleaning coffee maker. but so clean within a month but I won’t face too much difficulty. You will not have the difficulty as a non-self-cleaning coffee maker like Hamilton 2-way brewer.

totally your decision which one you buy but please check Amazon and check reviews because you want to know that there are some of the features we add to this list for overview. They have 11000 reviews and Amazon gave them an Amazon Choice badge.


  • different temperature setup
  • self-cleaning feature


  • water volume indication is not visible, they look closer.
  • After brewing, the heating plate is automatically turned off.


Mr. Coffee’s 12-Cup Coffeemaker



Our next best coffee maker under 100 dollars is Mr. Coffee Maker 12-cup coffeemaker. Most people know this brand, but some of the people don’t know I want to share his brief introduction to this company. This company was established in 1972 and they provide most of the products related to coffee maker, espresso maker, ice tea makers, and a lot more. Overall this is a very well reputed and trustable company. So we talk about some interesting features I would like to tell you about later.

so stick with me.

Hope you like my content 

This is a 12-cup coffee maker this coffee maker for those people who take a coffee but don’t want to need any features you think that this type of coffee maker to buy this but if you check this on Amazon so you have seen that overall 4.6 ratings and 24,000 + people buy this and amazon gave them amazon choice badge, it is very difficult to achieve this badge.

so we talk about some basic features like ON/OFF the indicator light when you know your coffee maker is on or off.

this feature is very basic but it this very helpful for old people who have difficulty using any special features

A dual water window also is basic but very useful you will see how much you fill and don’t fill overflows also this is very helpful for old citizens to see how much fill help for dual water window.

lift and clean filter basket this feature has an option to easily clean even your child and senior citizen both are doing very easily and give fast filtration option.

the auto-pause feature is an interesting feature but an ordinary feature of this work that

Grab a cup auto pause and want to stop the cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finished so this feature helps you.

Its cord length is 26 inches, this is enough length to connect any plug if you set it on the countertop.

if you buy so check the size so

Height: 12.56 inches

width: 11.76 inches

depth: 8.43 inches

3.6 pounds weight also this is a little bit heavy but you easily manage them


  • easy to program for a few clicks.
  • cheap for another coffee maker. in the list.
  • easy to clean filter basket, easy to fill coffee maker for dual water window.


  • No alert notification when to clean the coffee maker so you put a reminder.


Ninja ce251 Programmable Brewer.



If you find a drip coffee maker with minimalism but stylish at a low price, this coffee maker is for you. Ninja CE251 programmable brewer in this absolutely for you if you find this type of coffee maker.

Here they have some features that make them different from other coffee makers.

So here They have a 12-cup programmable coffee maker. All we need to do is set how many cups after this rest. because they are capable of making 12 cups At a time while brewing.

There are so many features and controllers to save a lot of time if you have to sit down once there are features like set timer, select brewing strength, Hotter brewing technology, wake within 24 hour

Adjustable hot plate to heat your carafe as long as you want. They enjoy a poured cup of coffee. They are capable of getting fresh coffee within 4 hours with the help of an adjustable warming plate.

The 60 ounces of water reservoir were actually huge. Compared to any water reservoir. They have conveniently carried the 60-ounce removable water reservoir easy to fill water even with your sink.

They have the best premium looks and they have multiple marking systems in the reservoir. This will tell you how much water you have filled.

if you see this machine in front of you. You think it is big but actually, it is compact.

and look stylish and Would love to see it on your countertop.

According to their brand price, ninja comes with an expensive company but this coffee maker’s price is the opposite of brand value. It is awesome to buy an iPhone at Xiaomi price.

In this machine, there is a Hotter brewing option to make coffee with an advanced method and boil to get the perfect state of coffee. For this, they get a perfectly hot cup of coffee.

Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer in their name has a program so their key feature is programming. This coffee maker has the option to program within 24 hours from hot coffee brew allowing you to prepare your brew up to a day in advance.

The easy clean option is best because you’re suffering even frustration with the coffee maker while cleaning your coffee maker this is you don’t waste time easy to waste and a removable water reservoir getting help to wash easily.

Even if you have a dishwasher, this coffee maker can easily wash in your dishwasher.

According to the Amazon reviewer, you start this machine so you have to listen to a little bit of noise, and give an Amazon choice badge and over 10,000+ ratings. Got 4.7 stars out of 5. but this is yours I gave everything you help to decide.


  • adjustable warming plate
  • easy to clean, Even if you wash it in the dishwasher
  • removal water reservoir


  • Some of the people reported an electrical issue.
  • a little bit loud.

Cuisinart CHW 12cup coffee maker



Next is, Cuisinart CHW 12 is a decent coffee maker. They have stainless steel build and for this, they look premium. They have a 12-cup drip-free pour-spout coffee maker that is capable of making  12 cups at once and with a carafe that has a comfortable handle. They also have an additional hot water dispenser with a simple press lever to make your favorite instant hot water for tea, coffee, hot drink, etc.

They have a usual 24-hour programming system; this is a normal feature in this price range with this feature brew pause and carafe temp control both are normal features in this price range but it is necessary like the brew-pause feature they get to pause all the machines while brewing the same as carafe temperature control are to control all the coffee. They have an indicator light that lets you know your hot water is ready.

You see that there are 2 major features: the first is a coffee maker and the second is a water dispenser and both are major features that get independent work.

they have the feature you should know in this coffee maker they are fully automatic and have an automatic on/off feature and this coffee maker get a self-cleaning feature this is a great feature to save a lot of time.

They have a 1-4 cup setting feature that helps you if you drink less than 5 cups so you set this setting 1-4 setting feature.

There is also an adjustable heating plate for high, medium, and low for all settings you control the carafe temperature as long as you want.

charcoal water filter and gold-tone filter both improve your taste. This filter helps to remove impurities and both are working together so I think this coffee maker gives the best taste you ever take. This is my opinion on this feature.

They have an adjustable drip tray so they are easy to remove and easy to clean another advantage is you set a tall mug for use traveling so you say that is a good feature I looking for I buying the best coffee maker for under $100 dollar. All people have a different opinion about this feature.

If you buy so you are this type for problems like this coffee maker get extra careful while adding water and avoid spilling it everywhere.

so, I think I wrote all the points to make it easy to decide if you should buy or not.

but you didn’t decide so I gave you something easy to decide.

in amazon. 7000+ people buy this and give reviews you are definitely read this and all the people gave a 4.5 rating out of 5. check the review and select your reason to buy this and they fill up my needs.


  • huge reservoir
  • independent hot water
  • self-cleaning
  • programmable
  • adjustable drip tray to easily set any size in the coffee maker.


  • hard to fill
  • After some time coffee flavor comes in hot water.


Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker



If you don’t need a full pot of coffee but only need a single-serve portion and you think you are enough, this coffee maker fills all requirements and the interesting thing is this comes with under $100.

you don’t like big bulky coffee makers and for this, they don’t fit our kitchen area. so this coffee maker looks premium and sits on your countertop.

I think this is the best feature I like in this coffee maker. This coffee maker is really compact to set anywhere in our kitchen. And it works the same as a big coffee maker.

That’s to talk about some features you really like, so the auto-shutdown feature is a really impressive feature that this feature automatically shutdown after finishing the brewing. It is really helpful whenever you get late and even forget to turn off your coffee maker.

This coffee maker is super easy to use. All you have to do is just add some water according to how many cups you drink and choose your favorite coffee.

Within a minute take a cup of coffee instantly and this coffee refreshes throughout the day.

whenever you see that most of the coffee makers are not capable k cup pods but in this coffee maker are covered k cup or usable coffee pods.

you look around you and most of the things you use are automatic so you prefer your coffee maker is also automatic this coffee maker comes with an interesting automatic feature like the coffee maker also tells you whenever it needs to be cleaned as the descale onn.

This coffee maker gets Brews multiple K-cup pod sizes (6, 8, 10 ounces) – even if you don’t know there are the most popular K-cup pod brew sizes and 6 ounces brew sizes capable of achieving the strongest brew.

Keurig claims that this coffee maker brews your coffee within a minute. If you ask us, this is a comfortable and convenient coffee maker and you also see ratings on Amazon. almost 60,00,00+ people bought and gave reviews and almost all gave 4.6 out of 5 ratings.


  • simple button control
  • easy to use
  • auto-off
  • descale indication
  • travel cup sizes are also capable


  • k cups pods are only capable.

 Final verdict

coming up with a conclusion in the whole article that what do you need and which purpose you buy this coffee maker I think you thought about this and definitely you

get your best coffee maker under 100. Nobody can force them to buy this or that. but some people like me only gather all the information in 1 article but you only decide which coffee maker fulfills your needs. if you choose this so definitely buy it right now. because I gave the best coffee maker under 100.